An old vineyard owner was on his death bed & called his children to his side.

He said. “Children when I’ve passed, I want you to go out into the vineyard & dig.”

“Somewhere out there is great treasure, which has brought much success & I’d like to share it.”

2 weeks later father died & the children grabbed their spades & forks. They dug & turned the soil for months covering every inch of the vineyard. The children found nothing & gave up disappointed.

But just a few months later. The vines produced the most bountiful & flavour-some grapes the vineyard had ever produced.

Creating their best-ever tasting wine. Which they sold at a premium price. Providing the most profit the vineyard had ever made.

They learned a valuable lesson that year. And each year since they’ve worked even harder. Doing all the right things. Which has produced great success & prosperity for the whole vineyard team.

In our business. We see things in a very similar way. No we’re not growing vines & making wine.

But we do produce affordable printing solutions that are fit for purpose, solve problems & deliver the certainty that our customers need.

It’s like cultivating vines. It takes hard work & perseverance to provide solutions with world class service, guaranteed fixed prices & simple honest terms in an affordable & repeatable manner.

I’m thinking. To be successful most organisations need to continuously work hard & persevere in their own chosen field.

Can you relate what your organisation does to producing a great tasting wine?