Story telling is an art form that not many organisations do these days. And when it comes to deciding which company to spend my money with, I’m a sucker for a great story…

I always try to learn as much about the organisations I want do business with (including the people behind them) before agreeing to spend my money with them. Don’t most people want to understand why an organisation exists? What problems they help you solve? And how they’ve already helped real people solve them?

What do I mean by your story?

It’s certainly not the brief bio that most organisations put on their about us page…

Your story should be about how your organisation started. Why it started. When it was started. Who started it & where it started. It should also include what makes you different and detail your future plans too.

Why write your story?

It helps frame who you are and why you do what you do for people outside of your organisation. It’s more than just an introduction to you, it’s showing who you really are. Warts and all…

And it’s a fantastic opportunity to establish a connection with prospects through the creation of trust (isn’t this what every organisation strives for?).

Telling your story gives people a sense of who you are. And it can be the determining factor in whether people will buy what you’re selling, take a job with you, or invest in your idea. This is how you stand out. No one else has your story. No one has your unique perspective. You have a unique story, so tell it.

Need help? Use our story as your example

Our story starts way back in 2003 just after our first child was born. When we opened a store in Rawtenstall selling printer supplies to home users & small organisations. And over the following 10 years opened another 3 through-out Lancashire.

As the marketplace changed we had to change too. And we strongly believed we could make a difference by developing solutions that solve our customers problems, which provided them with certainty.

We now operate from a large business unit located on the Lancashire Greater Manchester border in Haslingden, which allows us to help & bring personal service to customers throughout the north of England.

Today, we develop and supply ‘fit for purpose’ office products & solutions that provide certainty of cost & certainty of service/support for small organisations (homes, business, charities & schools). Yes, we class a home as a small organisation too.

Our number 1 focus is to help guide our customers in solving their uncertainty of cost and service problems for the solutions they require to run their operations. Things such as print technology, telecoms, office supplies (incl stationery) & office furniture.

And our philosophy (what makes us different) is to change the current negative perception of the managed print service & telephone system industry. From dodgy rogue traders who rip off organisations through deceptive terms & conditions. To it being honest, transparent, with simple terms, easy termination and guaranteed never to increase prices.

We’re building our own market by being different. You might even say radical. In our industry being honest, transparent, guaranteeing prices, making things simple & making it easy to do business is very radical indeed.

Our plans include more streamlined services for the office & workplace, designed specifically to solve problems and reduce costs in small organisations. With the aim of further increasing our customers efficiencies and/or profitability.

And we will use our philosophy of Simple Honest Service as the enabler to expand through-out the north of England, nationally and then potentially internationally. We want to be known as the trusted adviser who delivers Simple Honest Service anywhere in the world.

So what’s your story?