When something seems too good to be true. It usually is…

A couple of years back VW falsely advertised environmentally friendly diesel cars. Before being exposed for using software to rig emission tests. Leading to $25 billion in fines & compensation.

Kellogg’s have been caught twice. 1st in 2010 saying Rice Krispies could boost your immune system & then again in 2013 saying Mini-Wheats could make you smarter. Being fined millions in both cases.

BT have just been told to stop some broadband adverts by the Advertising Standards Authority. Misleadingly claiming their smart hub router could deliver the UK’s most powerful Wi-Fi.

The makers of Nutella had to settle a lawsuit in 2012. They claimed Nutella was a healthy food. The lawsuit said Nutella contained high levels of saturated fat & was more than 55% processed sugar.

Sports shoe company Reebok paid millions in 2011 to settle charges by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission over claims that “toning shoes” could strengthen muscles in the legs, thighs & buttocks.

Even Tesco got in on the act when they got caught up in the horse meat scandal. A recovery advert suggested it affected the whole meat industry. Which just wasn’t true & the advert was banned.

1 the funniest must be Red Bull. They we’re sued for millions in 2014 for claiming that ‘Red Bull gives you wings’. 1 of the claimants stated he’d drunk it for 10 years & never produced any wings.

I agree. When you’ve got these well-known brands & organisations falsely claiming their products can do amazing things. How can you believe small lesser known organisations about their claims?

We have the same problem. People just can’t believe how much our printing solutions can save them. They always think there’s a catch & we’ll increase the price or hit them with extra charges.

But we won’t. We provide Simple Honest Service. Backed up with a fixed price guarantee. Which means we’ll never increase your agreement price or hit you with any unexpected or hidden charges.

I just wish the big organisations & well-known brands would be honest about their claims. Which in turn. Would make it so much easier for us small guys to be believed.

Do you have or have you come across a product or service that just seems to good to be true?