The other day. Steve our technician broke down…

No not Steve. His car!

It wouldn’t start after he’d dropped his girls at school & he’d got service calls to complete.

So, I hightailed it over to Blackburn & let him take my 🚘, whilst I waited for the The AA.

Turns out (after 5 years) the battery had come to the end of its natural life & wouldn’t charge anymore.

This made me think about electric cars & I said to the The AA man:

“Imagine if the battery had fails on an out warranty electric cars, it’d cost much more than the £90 for this one”.

To which The AA man replied:

“Thats why you should rent electric cars, so you can give them back before the warranty ends”

He’s right. Which is why peoplebusinessschools & organisations rent our printing & telephony technology solutions.

Because, if they break, we fix or replace the technology for free.

One difference though, the cartridges & phone calls (rather than paying for electric) are included in the monthly rental fee.

…very wise man that AA guy.