The subscriptions business model has been around for centuries. But over the last 20 years it has been rejuvenated by technology & media companies.

Massive companies like Amazon, Apple & Microsoft have adopted the subscription model to tighten their already firm grip on our wallets.

So why should you care?

Your company doesn’t have billions of pounds in revenue?

And your not a start-up backed by a VC or you?

Well, you should care. Because subscriptions help both you and your customer in ways that you probably haven’t even thought about. And can certainly provide you with a competitive advantage too.

For you they:

  • increase the value of your business
  • increase the lifetime value of your customers
  • allow you to plan for demand
  • make sure you get paid
  • iron out your peaks & troughs

For your customer they:

  • save money (customers do with us) for showing long term commitment
  • gain a predictable monthly fee to help them budget
  • gain certainty of total cost as everything is included
  • gain certainty of service & support as (like with us) it’s guaranteed
  • ultimately gain peace of mind. Which allows them to focus on other things

There are many advantages and subscriptions are not just for the big boys, us small organisations can benefit from them too. Take a look at our affordable subscription based managed print service for ideas how it can work for you.

Have you ever considered subscriptions in your organisation?