Can you remember just before Steve Jobs & Apple launching the i-Phone?

All the other big mobile phone manufacterers got hammered in the press, with their stock eventually tanking.

They kinda said. “The markets saturated. We have nothing left to build. Revenue growth will be slow. Margins will begin to tighten. Competition will be fierce”.

A week later Steve Jobs & Apple annouce the i-Phone to the 🌍. Which completely re-invented the mobile phone industry.

It wasn’t about adding additional features to an existing solution. Steve Jobs & Apple completely rethought it all from scratch.

Apple put themselves in the customers shoes. They started with their dreams & then worked the technology out.

It’s a completely different way of doing business, where you don’t allow the past to constrain you. Think outside the box.

I’m always on at our team. Put yourselves in the customers shoes and ask. “What would make them go WOW & engage”

We thought like this when designing our small organisation printing solution, and we even think like this when designing artwork and brochures.

…can you get out your box & follow your customers dreams?