Newbie snowboarders find it hard & uncomfortable to lean in to control their board…

Most end up leaning back to start with. They believe it will release the pressure. But all they do is lose balance & face plant the snow.

It’s the same for Ninja Warrior contestants…

Most believe. Leaning into a warped 14ft (4.25m) wall just seems wrong & unachievable. Most lean back & end up doing airtime. Collapsing in a heap.

Leaning in is hard. Physically. But more so physiologically. But it doesn’t last long. Once you realise, leaning in helps you get better. It becomes easy.

Business is the same…

You start by leaning in. Working hard. Persevering. Getting things done. Then you hit the wall & life just seems sooo hard. 

So, you lean back. Take things easy & the pressure relents for a short time.

But nothing gets done & sales start to tumble…

Before you know it. The pressure is intense & you face plant the snow.

Building a business is hard. When you hit the wall. You’ve got to double down. Lean in. Use a shoulder. Smash the wall down.

We’ve been building our print technology & office supplies business for years. But believe me. We still hit the wall now & then.

But walls are just another obstacle small organisations (like ours) must navigate. On their growth path to achieve their goals & dreams.

…small organisations don’t lean back. Double down. Lean in. Use a shoulder. Clear the path.