If you’re like me. You’ll believe life should be honest & fair to all…

I know this is fairy tale stuff & was probably instilled in me from a very young age. But I really do sometimes struggle to face. That this isn’t always true…

Our team & I have come to the realisation though. It’s still always worth trying to make good win & to be as fair as we can be with all our customers, suppliers & partners.

Values are something slightly different though…

Values are judgment calls that you make, which uphold the moral & ethical principles governing you & your team. They dictate your behaviour & breed responsibility. Team members can even hold each other accountable to them.

Some examples of business values could be:

  • Passion is at the heart of our company
  • We take personal accountability
  • We treat everyone with respect & dignity
  • Continuous improvement is our aim
  • We genuinely care about others

For us though. We have 3 guiding principles that capture ‘why we do what we do’:

  1. Simple – easy to do business with no complex or misleading terms
  2. Honest – fixed price guarantees & no hidden or extra charges
  3. Service – our customers always come first. With fast deliveries & guaranteed response times

What about you though. What’s your guiding principles (values)?