We’ve being creative this year & designed a Yuletide poem…

We’ve written it just for you, as a thank you for your business & for helping us shape our industry changing approach.

It’s called ‘Simple Honest Service’ is not just for Christmas…

Shock. Another year has passed

And we’ve had a fantastic blast

But it’s gone so quick

As fast as a finger click

We look back with pride

To the point where we cried

You’ve helped us progress

To win our own game of chess

We’re changing our industry facts

And looking for deceitful contracts

We aim to expose the hoodwinking

Creating much more mature thinking

You’ve helped us shape our approach

You’ve been such a fantastic coach

We’ve discussed much & listened

Which has hardened our mission

Our agreements are all very simple

And we make them as clear as crystal

You said no hidden surprises

So, we guarantee you fixed prices

You said no more high surcharges

So, we guarantee you no extra charges

You said no excessive hourly rate fees

So, we guarantee you a low rate freeze

You said you need certainty

So, we guarantee you no uncertainty

With us you won’t get fined

We guarantee your peace of mind

We wish you a happy Christmas

And thank you for your business

We’ll be hunting unscrupulous suppliers

Until their deceitful practice expires

If you or your friends get in contract trouble

Call us and we’ll help you burst their bubble

Now it’s time to have a wonderful New Year

And choosing MY gives you no contracts to fear

…we wish you a fantastic Christmas & a happy New Year. And hope all your plans & dreams come true in 2019