Sales Geek Jonathan Finch shot a great LinkedIn video, discussing the B.A.M.

B.A.M stands for bare arsed minimum…

Jonathon used it in relation to some salespeople doing the bare arsed minimum, yet still expecting fantastic results.

Fantastic results never happen for B.A.M people.

Jonathon has found salespeople who achieve the highest results don’t just work hard, they work smart, and:

  1. Don’t scroll LinkedIn, they actively message clients to start building relationships
  2. Don’t just message prospects, they go meet them & get to know them
  3. Don’t email prospects, they have a conversation with them & then email to confirm

These are 3 great tips from Jonathon & we both agree you can add a 4th onto the list, which everyone should do, not just salespeople, which is:

  1. Don’t wait for someone to train you, develop your own learning mindset

An article in the Harvard Business Review suggests only 10% of people has what’s called ‘the learning mindset’.

These are people who seek out & enjoy learning. Through books, articles, magazines, podcasts, videos & mentors. Inevitably, these are the people who achieve the highest results.

Organisations can arrange mandatory training to improve their team’s performance. But you can’t make people self-learn to gain extra knowledge for their own benefit, as well as benefiting the organisations too.

As you probably know I read lots of business books & I love it, when 1 of our small organisation print technology team see the latest book review & ask to read it, because they found it interesting & want to self-learn.

Recently we got an offer from Edgehill University for some funded management training & our Kerry decided to give up some Saturdays & evenings to self-learn.

…now that’s a learning mindset.