Christ The King Primary School is a happy, friendly school situated within lovely grounds on the edge of Burnley in Lancashire. The school is committed to providing the best possible learning environment to ensure that the achievement of every single child matches their potential. This makes it vitally important they keep good control of their operating costs, which then enables them to spend more of their budget directly on the education of their students to achieve this potential.

But with dwindling budgets, the school finds it ever so harder to provide unlimited classroom printing for their teachers & students. They thought classroom printing would have to stop and need to move to a central photocopier. Which would reduce some cost but would create many security concerns. Teachers and students would have to leave their classrooms to collect their printing.

Customer objective

For the new year the school had a printing budget of £6,000, which was much reduced from previous years and included the funding of new printing technology. Ideally, they wanted to keep their unlimited classroom printing model, as it was the most convenient and safest solution for the teachers and students.

But, based on last year’s printing costs and the need to invest in new printing technology, they thought they would have to move to a central photocopier solution. Which the school had already costed into their new budget.

Our solution

We had already identified that unlimited classroom printing was an issue for schools and had spent the previous 12 months working towards a solution to solve this problem. And after lots of tests (in the first instances with local business) and prototypes we launched MY Print Service.

The new service was perfect for small offices of up to 5 uses, and as it turned out, school classrooms.

MY Print Service includes a business rated wireless multi-function inkjet printer, unlimited replacement cartridges and a full maintenance (fix or replace) package, for just £24.99 plus VAT a month. And is the perfect fit for Christ the King. It solves all their problems and gives them the latest equipment in all 10 of their classrooms. They are impressed and signed up for 3 years.

Financial and operational result

Financially, Christ The King are quid’s in too. Because they committed to a 3-year agreement, we gave them a good discount and allowed them to pay for it in a fixed monthly fee.

Over the 3 years they are saving a massive £12,000, against the cost of a photocopier.

And their monthly fee is just £166.58 plus VAT, which covers 10 fully maintained multi-function printers with unlimited replacement cartridges.. Providing them with total certainty of their printing costs for the next 3 years.

Operationally, things have got much better too. As they now have the latest technology, offering duplex printing, multi-sheet scanning & copying and smart device printing. And it’s all covered by our next business day support service, which guarantees to fix or replace their equipment if anything does go wrong. Providing them with total certainty of service and support.

Saving money, certainty of costs and service aside, the best thing though, is their improved security and safety. As no-one ever needs to leave the classroom (including the children) to pick up their printing again.