Do you have a referral strategy?

Referrals are a major part of our growth and marketing strategy.

Although, for a referral strategy to gain momentum you need much more than just great products.

Great products are a given and are the least people expect these days.

It really comes down to the culture of your organisation.

Is your culture one of honesty, transparency and trust, where you always put the customer need first, before your own?

Dan (our manager) got a desperate call on Saturday morning from a football league club.

They hadn’t yet printed the team sheet and some other associated documents for the league game later that day, and they’re printer had just run out of toner.

Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, as we monitor their printer and always provide them with a full one well before the other runs out.

And it was no different this time, except…

At their end, the person who changes the toner cartridge was not at the football club on Saturday, and the individual trying to print the team sheet and other stuff was panicking.

It’s a big issue for a football league club when they have a game pending. They didn’t want the embarrassment of having to hand write their team sheet and other documents.

The individual on duty just didn’t know how to replace the cartridge, as they’d never done it before.

Panic set in and talking through it on phone wasn’t an option. And Dan was in London on a half-term break with his lad, so he couldn’t go either.

Dan placed a call to Adam (our technician) and explained the situation at the football club. Without batting an eyelid Adam jumped in his car and saved the day.

It was great to see from Adam. But to be fair. Dan could have called any of our team, and if they were around (like Adam) they would also drop everything and go too.

It doesn’t matter that it was a Saturday and our business was closed. Adam recognised this was a critical situation for our customer and choose to do the right thing.

This is part of our culture and similar things happen all the time. We’re a close-knit team who are honest and transparent about business and always put customer need before our own.

…and why our referral strategy works, customers trust us & decide to refer us to others.