Been reading Anne Williamson’s latest edition of ‘Are You a One Night Stand Business’…

The 1st edition was good, but this one’s even better. Bolstered by numerous real-life stories with meaningful customer service learnings.

1 learning is a nemesis of mine & brings out the Victor Meldrew in me…

Anne’s son wanted to upgrade his phone & found his current supplier was offering the best deal.

But when he called, they said. “Sorry you can’t upgrade on these promotions, because the ‘special deal’ was for new customers only”.

Even after negotiation they wouldn’t budge & we’re only interested in gaining new customers with the deal, not keeping their existing ones.

In the end Anne & her son, felt they we’re being treated unfairly & decided to take their business elsewhere. Finding a super offer with another supplier & since, renewing for a 2nd year.

The original phone company lost £1,200 of Anne’s money each year. But how many people felt the same way as Anne & switched? I’d estimate the annual losses to be in the 100’s of £1,000’s.

We can’t understand the thinking of these large organisations. When we run promotions they’re open to all our customers, not just to attract new ones.

And our existing customer on print agreements can automatically change levels without penalty. Either jumping to a higher service or even moving down a level because their needs have decreased.

I’ve seen phone, broadband, banks, TV & credit card companies doing the ‘new customer only’ thing & it always makes my blood boil.

But how do you feel, when it happens to you?