Our job is quite simple on the face of it…

Helping you save money on your printing technology solution. Without compromising on quality & reliability. Whilst providing total peace of mind. Through fixed priced guarantees & Simple Honest Service.

Sometimes though (as I’m sure happens in your organisation) our feet below the water surface are running at 100 mph. Whilst above the surface we appear calm & still able to deliver against the promises we make.

For us. These situations are mainly created by the printer manufacturers…

Why. Because they are constantly trying to stop us from providing you with value for money for their own cash gain.

Mainstream printer manufacturers try to kill printers that use ink provided by third-party vendors like ourselves. Even though the law allows third party ink to be used.

They do this by periodically releasing firmware upgrades across the internet. Which only allow their own latest printer cartridges to work with the printer. Pushing printing costs up for consumers & business.

It just happened again last week on our small organisation managed print service (MY Print Service) & has happened in the past on our home printing solution (Infinity)

We received a new batch of business multifunction printers & found that Brother has released a new firmware upgrade that locked out our cartridges.

We didn’t panic though (although our feet were running very fast) as we’ve many years of experience & some fantastic partners to help. Within 48 hours the problem was solved. But it is a constant battle.

There must be things that happen in your industry too. Which are just created to cause mayhem & frustration?