Picasso was sketching in Paris by the Seine & a lady asked. ‘Would you sketch me’.

Picasso obliged & within minutes the lady had an original Picasso.

The lady asked. ‘How much do I owe’.

Picasso replied ‘5,000 francs please’ (it was way before the Euro).

The lady was shocked 😲. ‘But it only took a few minutes’. She ranted.

Picasso replied. ‘No. It took me all my life’.

Pricing can be a difficult thing…

Luckily for Picasso he could charge a premium price based on his experience & what the market was willing to pay for his fantastic work.

Not everyone has a unique product though. So how do you create demand?

A few years back we sold printer cartridges & printers as individual items. But realised the market was going to change & organisations would want 2 things:

  1. Certainty of cost
  2. Total peace of mind

Now we rent printing solutions to small & medium sized organisations. It includes the printing technology, unlimited replacement cartridges & full support if it breaks.

Monthly fees are fixed, affordable & guaranteed never to increase.

When dealing with us organisations don’t have to worry about prices increases, searching for replacement cartridges & fixing or buying replacement printers.

These days organisations come to us to purchase certainty & total peace of mind.

Could you reinvent your product & create a new reason for people to buy too?