Why do people buy what they buy?

Do you think it’s always a logical decision?

Like calculating your printer cartridge spend & working out how much you can save by subscribing to a printing service like Infinity for the home or MY Print Service for the office.

Unfortunately, it’s not this simple…

No matter what. Some people just don’t care about savings & features. They just buy what they want. Whether that’s down to status or because it’s just the best-known brand.

A good example is smartphones and Apple v Samsung

Realistically, there’s not much between the 2 in quality & features. Some would even suggest Samsung just edges it.

If you bought a Samsung. You’d save a good chunk of money too.

Although some make the logical choice & buy a Samsung. Most buy the Apple. Why?

Because it’s the brand they most associate with. They like Apple’s story. They’ve always bought Apple. Most of their friends & who they know have Apples. So, they want Apple too.

No matter how good Samsung’s are. Their brand & story just hasn’t got the same pull & status as Apple & their story.

That’s why. As small organisations, it’s important to work as hard in building our story brand, as we do designing & selling our products.

There’s no point in having great products if nobody can associate with your story brand.

Our story brand is all about Simple Honest Service.

What’s your story brand about?