Michael Jordan was gutted when he didn’t make his high school varsity basketball team in his sophomore year…

Even going home to cry in his room, after he learned another sophomore & close friend (Leroy Smith) was picked before him.

Such an event could easily have crushed his confidence. Instead he used the experience to double down & work extra hard. Becoming the greatest basketball player in the world for many years.

Michael Jordan learned so much from the experience & over the course of his career, became a magician at turning emotional wounds, insults & grudges into rocket fuel to make him fly.

This is relatable to business change & innovation too. Many people told us monthly printing solutions for families & small organisations will never gain traction & that they’re a waste of time.

Instead of buckling to their taunts. We’ve doubled down & worked extra hard. Developing fit for purpose solutions. To bring cost certainty & peace of mind to families & small organisations.

We’re disrupting the print technology industry & others don’t like it. They’d much rather carry on doing the status quo, until the well runs dry. While we’ll bring customers innovation & savings.

If Michael Jordan had settled for the status quo, he’d never have become a great basketball player. Some would even say the greatest basketball player ever.

…please don’t you settle for the status quo either, as your well will run dry someday soon too.