Marketing in a small business is hard…

There’s no silver bullet. For us. It’s a matter of trying different things & measuring them to see if they’re profitable. Continuing with those that are & ditching those that aren’t.

For those marketing campaigns that do work. Don’t change them just because you’re getting tired of them & don’t change them just because your team are moaning & getting bored about doing the same things.

You should only change a campaign when your accountant is tired of it. Isn’t this right Karl Roberts?

Because. When your accountant is tired of a marketing campaign. It’s become unprofitable & you must change or stop it immediately.

Which is why. It’s so important to continuously measure all your marketing campaigns & not just when you’re testing them. If you don’t. How do you know when to change or stop them?

We’re forever trying new campaigns. Just today I’ve been hand delivering printing solution leaflets to organisations on business parks in our local area.

We’ll test this new campaign until the end of June & then we’ll analyse the results. Before we decide to continue, change it or stop doing it completely.

Do you test & measure your marketing campaigns?