Remember the saying. ‘You can take a horse to water. But you can’t make it drink’…

Well we’ve reframed it & instead say. ‘If you make the horse thirsty enough before you get to the water, it will want to take a drink’.

When you lead with the features of your products. You’re saying. Look at my shiny great looking stuff. It’s got all these wonderful whistles & bells. Do you want to buy it?

It’s like leading the horse to water. Letting it have a look. But the horse is confused & it can’t understand how the water is going to help them. So, it decides not to drink.

As an example. We could say. ‘Our small organisation print solution, prints at 20ppm, does 15 scans a minute & prints duplex. Want to buy it’. But it’s unlikely we’d get anyone drinking the water.

Instead we lead with the outcome. Saying…

‘Receive unlimited printing & scanning with our fit for purpose small organisation printing solution. It provides certainty of cost, total peace of mind & savings of up to 60% against most other solutions.’

Leading with the outcomes (what your customer ends up with once you have finished) is the only thing they’re interested in & likely to be the only thing that’ll make them take a drink too.