Have you found a way to make your customers sticky?

I don’t mean tying them to a long-term contract with high financial penalties if they want to leave. That’s not sticky that’s hoodwinking them & it’s a sure way to burn through customers quickly.

I mean. By providing a product & service they value so much (in quality, service & price) they’re happy to pay every month & will never knowingly want to leave you. Unless something drastically happens at their or your end.

To make customers sticky. They’ve got to be certain you’ll deliver against your promises & honor the price you both agreed. They also need peace of mind everything is covered. With no financial penalties if they do want to leave.

It’s about providing a product that solves a problem (process, quality or savings) with fantastic service included for a fair & consistent fixed price. Providing your customer with certainty & total peace of mind.

MY Print Service is designed this way…

Our small organisation customers (small business, charities & primary schools) don’t have to worry about replacing broken printers or wasting time & money sourcing replacement printer cartridges. As everything is included.

We provide the latest business rated multi-function printer, an unlimited amount of replacement cartridges & a guaranteed service package if anything does go wrong. All for a fixed & guaranteed £24.99 a month.

What’s more. We don’t lock our customers into long term contracts. Ours are simple rolling monthly agreements. Because we’re confident they’ll never want to leave. But if something changes. They can with just 1-month notice.

Our customers are sticky because we’ve created a product that solves problems. But just as important. It provides certainty & total peace of mind.

Can you do the same with your product to make your customers sticky?