Took a break from reading business ūüďö last week.

Well thought I had…

Decided to slip in the mafia classic. The Godfather.

I’ve watched the movie many times, but never read the original (Mario Puzo) book.

As well as being a fantastic read. What struck me. Was the togetherness that Don Corleone created within his enterprise.

He created a team. A team built carefully over time. making sure the right people where in the right positions.

A team he could trust. dedicated to make sure his enterprise grew. Doing whatever if took without question.

Yes. I agree. There is a flaw. Most of what they did wasn’t honest & usually consisted of violence & breaking the law.

But take that away & the team (for the most part) was solid, committed & would see a job through to the end.

Having the right¬†team¬†is the backbone of any successful organisation & it’s hard to get right.

In our¬†printer¬†&¬†photocopier¬†technology¬†solution¬†business, it’s taken us years to build the right team.

The difference. Our team is built on Simple Honest Service. It’s a team you can¬†trust¬†& who are always¬†transparent in everything they do.

Unlike Don Carleone’s team…

They’ll do anything (within the rule of law of course) to ensure our customers receive¬†certainty¬†& gain total peace of mind.