Breaking news…

The laughs on us. We’ve just fallen fowl to some misleading terms…

Yes, I know. It’s time for us to drink our own medicine & practice what we preach. On a serious note. It’s probably worth sharing with you what happened.

Google AdWords is not something in our marketing plan. But last month we received a voucher from Google for £120 asking us to give it a try. So, we agreed to trial it as we weren’t paying.

We decided to promote our small organisation managed print service. My Print Service.

So, we logged into Google AdWords, entered the voucher, designed an advert, pinpointed our target audience, chose our keywords & set the daily budget.

Google AdWords wouldn’t allow the advert to automatically stop once the credit was used. So, we had to keep a daily check on the total & we paused it when it reached £125.

Advertising on Google for a business like ours is tough. As you’ve got the likes of HP, Epson, Canon & Brother spending millions. So, after measuring the results it was no surprise that it didn’t work.

Today though we saw £125 being taken by Google from our bank account. We we’re straight on the phone asking why. Enforcing we had a £120 voucher & should be only be paying £5.00

Imagine my surprise when Google said. ‘In our terms & conditions it states the £120 voucher will be credited to your account a couple of days after full payment has been taken’.

I was still thinking at least we get it back. But no. They don’t give it you back physically. They leave the £120 as a credit on your Google AdWords account.

The only way you can benefit. Is by paying it to Google again in the form of another advert that you know is just not going to work. Google has made us spend £125 when we didn’t want too.

This is a fantastic example ‘why we do what we do’…

We provide Simple Honest Service with no hidden or misleading terms. With guaranteed fixed prices & guaranteed service too.

Yes. We should have read all the tiny T&C’s. But we didn’t expect an organisation like Google to give with 1 hand & then take away with the other.

Would you?