Fresh Perspective help organisations be better at direct recruitment. By collaborating closely with you to build strong relationships, with the aim of being your recruitment partner for the long term.

Very passionate about recruitment, sisters Laura & Emily are like a breath of fresh air and have undertaken a mission to rid their industry of its poor reputation for over charging.

Their recruitment model is unique. Its time based, as opposed to charging high placement fees (like most other agencies). Which means guaranteed value for money on every addition to your team.

Fresh Perspective are proving recruitment can be done well by helping organisations recruit the right people in the fastest possible time, within an affordable and fair, time-based fee structure.

Although Fresh don’t do loads of printing. When they do. It’s business critical. And you can bet it’s always at the last minute. Which means they need certainty their printing solution is immediately responsive. And currently they feel their existing printing solution is just not up to the job anymore.

Customer objective

Laura & Emily asked our Paul to assess their current printing solution and answer the following questions:

  • How much is it costing?
  • Is it fit for purpose?
  • Is there a better solution?

Our solution

After providing Laura & Emily with a free assessment this is what we found:

  • Their current printer keeps breaking down and fails to print many documents
  • They have no support if it goes wrong (they end up messing with it themselves)
  • They just buy another one if it breaks (costing around £100 each time)
  • They waste a lot of time & money sourcing replacement printer cartridges

And here is our recommendation:

  • Replace it with our affordable small organisation managed print service
  • It comes with a ‘fit for purpose’ printer, guaranteed support & unlimited cartridges
  • It provides total cost & service/support certainty, giving you total peace of mind

Financial and operational result

Financially, Laura & Emily are saving over 50% a year. When you add together what they spend on replacement printer cartridges & replacement printers. And this doesn’t even include wasted time.

But that’s only half the story. Operationally, Fresh Perspective have gained much time back (the most precious resource) too. No longer do they have to mess around fixing or replacing printers, and no longer do they have to source and order replacement cartridges. As everything is included, providing certainty of service and support. Leading to total peace of mind and allowing the team to concentrate on the most important thing. Helping their clients recruit the best people for an affordable and fair price.