Do you use a free assessment in your organisation?

The reason I ask is because a free assessment can be a great way to:

  1. Lower the defensive barriers
  2. Show your experience
  3. Prove any savings
  4. Detail operational improvements
  5. Showcase your guarantees
  6. Detail simple terms
  7. Discuss your approach
  8. Build rapport
  9. Build credibility
  10. Provide your client with a level of confidence
  11. Meet with the decision maker

There are many advantages to carrying out a free assessment. And yes, it can depend on your business sector.

Trades for example have to quote for work or they won’t have a chance of winning it anyway. But if they openly advertised that they provide a free assessment that also details their process & approach. Would they get more inquiries?

For us though, free assessments are invaluable, and here’s why…

Office solutions (our industry) is a very competitive industry and has a bad reputation for deceitful contract terms and suppliers hoodwinking clients. So we use a free assessment to show our experience, build rapport & confidence and most importantly, to detail our honest simple terms & guarantee led approach.

In our industry small organisations are very cautious and nervous of signing long term agreements. Most have already had their fingers burnt at least once or know of other organisations who have had very bad experiences at the hand of a rogue trader.

Another very important point is. A free assessment allows you to book a meeting with the decision maker to discuss the findings and make your recommendations.

I can’t think of another way which allows you to build rapport & confidence, prove your solution can help in some way and provide valuable time with the decision maker to discuss the way forward?

This approach is embedded into our culture and works for us and all our clients, as it did for Paul Schofield too. So why can’t it work for you too?