Do you have a fanatical focus of doing 1 thing well?

Being known for being great at 1 thing can really make you stand out above your competitors in a crowded market.

✔ Zappos are known for unbelievable customer service.

✔ McDonalds consistently deliver the same quality food & experience

✔ Disney make people happy

✔ LinkedIn connect the world’s professionals

✔ Tesla make compelling electric cars

✔ Google makes the world’s information universally accessible

✔ Greenpeace expose global environmental problems

✔ TripAdvisor helps you plan the perfect trip

✔ PayPal make online payments convenient & secure

✔ MY Total Office Solutions & MY Print Service are known for providing Simple Honest Service

But what about you?

What 1 thing can you focus on & stand for in a crowded market?