This lady I know (Alice) is a pretty good guitarist & can hold a note or 2. Don’t get me wrong. Alice isn’t X Factor or The Voice material. But trust me. She’d make a decent wedding singer…

Aside of her day job. Alice wanted to make a bit of extra cash. So she decided to go busking at the weekends.

Alice arrived at her spot. Unpacked her guitar. Placed her collection hat on the floor. And spent the next 4 hours reeling 1 hit off after another.

This went on for 4 straight weeks. And not once did the passing public drop a coin in Alice’s hat. Alice came away confused & dejected. Vowing she would only give it 1 last shot.

The following week. As Alice arrived in her usual spot. Unpacked her guitar & placed her collection hat on the floor. An older much wiser fellow busker came over & said:

“Here’s a few coins for your collection hat. As no-one puts money in an empty hat”.

Experienced buskers always put a few coins in their collection hat. As the passing public need to see others contributing cash before they will. You see. It’s all about trust & re-assurance.

And it works the same in business. Before people buy from you. They need to trust you & feel re-assured you have a track record of working successfully with organisations like theirs.

A great way for you to showcase your track record & build trust. Is through case studies

As an example. This 1 of ours. Shows how a school in Burnley are saving £4,000 a year by installing our small workgroup business printing solution (MY Print Service) in to each of their classrooms.

The key though. Is to make sure your case studies are visible. We put them on our websites. On all our social media platforms. And include the right 1’s within communications to potential clients.

Case studies are a great way for you to build trust & give re-assurance. Have you tried them yet?