Figuring out where to spend your marketing time and money is a very difficult thing…

You need to create content delivered in a format that grabs the interest of your target audience without being salesy. And you want longevity through up to date marketing tactics, which aren’t gimmicks likely to die out in a few weeks.

When launching a new product or service finding the right balance is crucial for choosing the right marketing tools. As with all marketing campaigns it needs to deliver measurable results too.

We’ve recently launched a new small organisation managed print service, designed specifically to provide small businesses, primary schools & charities with certainty of their total printing costs, together with real tangible savings.

The benefits of this new product need to be discussed directly with small organisations, so they can see how it can help them specifically in their organisation. And this is not something you can do in a few static web pages. No matter how fancy & professional the website might look.

We’ve used written customer testimonials & case studies for a number of years. And found that they really help our target customers understand how we can help them. Whilst providing the first stages of trust & confidence in both the product & our organisation. But with this new product it’s got to be a visual marketing thing.

Then a good friend of mine. Rob Hallam from Big Tank Productions said “why not give video marketing ago?” Now for those who don’t know Rob. He’s 1 of most likable people you could meet & honest as the day is long. And when Rob suggests something it makes you want to listen & know some more. So I pressed him on it. “Why Rob?”.

“Well” Rob said. “I’ll give these 10 great reasons & you can decide for yourself”:

  1. Videos trigger emotions & emotion is a primary driver of decision-making
  2. Viewers retain 95% of a message when watched in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. (insivia)
  3. 75% of people prefer to watch video’s about products than read about them (animoto)
  4. Video’s get shared much more than text. 92 percent of mobile video consumers share videos with others & social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined (SmallBizTrends)
  5. People trust reviews from strangers as much as they trust friends or family.
  6. Social proof aids decision making. Customer reviews have been shown to be very trustworthy & sometimes even as trustworthy as personal recommendations.
  7. A web-page with video is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google (Video Explainers)
  8. 64% of people purchase after watching branded social videos (Tubular Insights)
  9. Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% (Slideshare)
  10. Ultimately video boosts sales & brand recognition. An Unruly study determined the impact of video. Video enjoyment was found to increase purchase intent by 97% & brand association by a massive 139%

I was sold. So we agreed to do 2 video’s. The 1st to tell our story and the 2nd would be a video testimonial from Paul Schofield Wealth Management. An existing MY Print Service customer.

Paul’s video testimonial will go straight on our new web-site to help spread our message to small organisations across Lancashire & Greater Manchester. The other 1 (our story) may be used to seek equity investment to aid with the national & international scaling of MY Print Service.

Filming day arrived (last Thursday). Rob and his team went to video Paul Schofield in his office at the Burnley Business First Centre. And then came over to our place in Rossendale for the afternoon.

Yes I was nervous. But Rob and his team soon had me at ease. And I was delighted with their professionalism and expertise. Here is a rundown of what happened:

  • They used the highest quality equipment. So we can be sure of excellent video and sound quality
  • A few days before they sent me a number of question so I could prepare. But they insisted on no script on the day, so the video came across real and sincere. It was carried out in an interview format and worked a treat
  • Rob’s questions really drilled down to ‘why’ people should use us and our new product & ‘what’ it would mean to them. So real focus on ‘what & why’.
  • Rob also built a good deal of emotional content by drawing out our story, detailing our core values of honest simple service & showing examples of what we have achieved already with existing clients
  • Big tank’s filming techniques were fantastic. Not just the camera usage, but where to place things in the background to get the greatest effect. Things we would never have thought about.
  • And it was about the team too. Rob made sure it wasn’t just about me and that they were involved too. Although Kerry insisted of no face shots without her makeup on.
  • The Big Tank team also took plenty of stills and took away a number of key messages and statics. Rob tells me added visual interest in the form of stills & facts is a good way to keep viewers engaged or to highlight points.

The Big Tank team are now busy on the cutting room floor & will be back soon with our 2 finished videos. We can’t wait.

Their approach & professionalism has been amazing to this point and I’m sure their finished product will be fantastical too. And really help us tell our story about MY Print Service & how it can really help small organisations.