Lisa Kendrick is a good friend of mine & owns a children’s nursery school in Haslingden called Mulberry Roots

Today, I was dropping of some replacement cartridges (they get free unlimited replacement cartridges) for their small organisation printing solution. It’s called MY Print Service.

And we got talking about accents.

For those who don’t know. I’ve got a thick Rossendale accent. As does Lisa.

And the reason it’s so strong. Rossendale is a valley right in the middle of Blackburn, Burnley, Rochdale, Bury & Bolton. The accent takes bits from each area giving us a rather unique twang.

Lisa said she used to be a bit embarrassed about her accent when meeting people from elsewhere.

And I told Lisa a story…

When I was in London with a previous employer at an important meeting. The chairman asked for any questions. I asked 1 in my best Rossendalian accent & was ridiculed by my peers, claiming no-one understood a word.

So, my question to you today is simple…

Should it matter that your accent is not from where your trying to do business?