The aim for any business is to create a product that your customers would love. Isn’t it?

It’s hard to get this right & if you take too much time getting the product perfect someone else is likely to pull the rug from under your feet with their own product release.

A major advantage of releasing a product early is the feed back loop. The product must provide value from the start. But after release. Listen to what else your customers want & add the extra features.

But what will really delight your customer & turn them into a raving fan. Is going 1 step further. By adding features, they didn’t expect.

The cycle goes something like this:

  • Stage 1. Release with minimal features
  • Stage 2. Listen what customers want & add them
  • Stage 3. Surprise the customer & give them something they would love

Today I was visiting our local businesses, delivering special offer leaflets designed by our team. As the boss I see my role as supporting my team & I’ll do anything needed to help them succeed.

Stoneholme Business Park in Crawshawbooth was 1 place I visited delivering leaflets to James Killelea, Rossendale Vulcanising, before meeting Mr. Montgomery of Rossendale Process Systems.

Mr. Montgomery has had our small organisation printing service for 3 or so years & is really impressed with it. As it includes a business printer & unlimited cartridges for a low fixed monthly fee providing certainty of cost.

But today he was gushing & said. ‘The original printer you provided was getting a bit old & worn out. I rang up your team to explain. Within 2 days they delivered a new 1. Which is amazing. Thank you’.

I thanked him for their business & explained. ‘An extra feature we added is a free replacement printer when yours is worn out & no longer fit for purpose, so you never have to buy another printer again’.

Think about your product or service. Is there something you could add that your customers would love?