If you’re in business don’t think your safe…

Speed of change means your always running to keep up and constantly re-inventing.

And if you don’t, you’ll be overtaken by those who do.

In this constantly changing landscape personal brand is so important. Yes, people want to see a website & LinkedIn profile showing testimonials and case studies from overjoyed customers.

Today though, people want more than this. They want to hear your personal story and understand why you do what you do, your passions and what you care about.

They want to see if you’re ethical & care about the things they do. Like the environment, the planet and local communities. And not just your business. You too.

A google search reveals everything they need, and this may be the deciding factor in whether they’ll do business with you. Making it important to be visibly telling all your story.

We’re disrupting the office technology industry through monthly subscriptions, fixed price guarantees and simple honest service. To make our industry fair and transparent for all.

A lot of things we do go unnoticed though…

  • We refurbish & reuse lots of printing technology. Which lets us save customers money. But also stops lots of plastic going into landfill.
  • We operate a corporate social responsibility program for charities in Lancashire & Greater Manchester, which provides them with cash back donations.
  • We plant our customers trees for each new printer technology or telephony agreement, to aid the fight against de-forestation and climate change.

Yes, our story is one about disrupting the office technology industry to make it fair for all. But it’s also more than that. It’s also about caring about the environment, the planet and our communities.

…what things aren’t included in your story, which you should be telling people about?