Entering the discomfort zone is not nice…

You’ve probably experienced it a little when learning a new skill, meeting someone new or taking on a new challenge. It’s that kind of butterflies in your tummy feeling. You know the one I mean.

At the time we don’t really enjoy it. But when we look back, we realise, all the important stuff tends to only happen outside of your comfort zone.

To disrupt an industry. You’ve got to get into the discomfort zone & be radical. Try things you never thought possible. Do things differently & drastically improve the customer experience.

Japan’s  bullet train is a great example…

Train travel between Tokyo & Osaka originally took 6 hours, which slowed down business. People wanted the government to reduce the time.

But not by minutes. People demanded the journey was halved. This needed some radical thinking.

Engineers scrapped conventional solutions, rethought the entire problem to disrupt the industry & revolutionised the Japanese rail network. Today a Japanese bullet train can reach up to 249mph.

Like Japan. We’re disrupting the printer technology industry. We’ve developed a solution for small organisations, which provides unlimited printing & replacement printers, whilst cutting costs by 60%.

Is it time for you to enter the discomfort zone & design a product to disrupt your industry?