For many of us, most days are spent at work…

Research shows the average person spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime. Making it safe to say that work has a huge impact on your quality of life.

So why not make the workplace and your personal workspace your very own, by turning it into an inviting bright space to be in with these 5 tips:

Colour Burst:

Design elements of your office space (particularly colours) can have a huge impact on the mood and productivity of your team.

To create a bright, happy and productive work environment, blues, greens, oranges and yellows should be used to inspire and motivate people.

Go Green:

Not getting enough fresh air or sunlight (like me living in Rossendale) does more harm than good, which is a worry if you work in an office all day.

Although, plants are the easiest and probably the cheapest way to add colour and calmness to your office space, whilst improving air quality for the team.

Plants are pretty low maintenance, but if you don’t what to buy them or maintain them yourself, you can rent them in a monthly subscription. Just like our small organisation printing solution & internet phone package.

They’re proven to reduce stress and boost productivity by up to 12%. So, by adding bursts of greenery into your office, you’ll be helping your team grow the business too.

Shine Bright:

In a busy office it’s not always possible to sit by a window. However, if you can, claim a window seat, as natural sunlight is the best source of light available.

Although, if you’re stuck with no natural light all’s not lost. Decorative lighting can provide an opportunity to create a more inviting warm ambiance to any office environment, lifting spirits.

Creative Personalisation:

One of the biggest issues with most office spaces is the standard décor that runs throughout. To counteract this, make your workspace an extension of you and personalise it.

A good way to do this is to decorate it with your favourite sayings, inspirational quotes and photos of family and friends. You can also use colourful and unusual office organisational tools too.

Stylish Stationery:

Workspaces become important when you spend 8 hours a day within them, and if you can add a touch of colour through artwork and decoration it really helps keep the ideas flowing.

There’s an array of colourful stationery to help with decoration and keep you feeling inspired. Swap white notepads for pink or blue. Buy multicoloured sticky notes and use colourful pens and clips.

You can even get a matching set of desktop accessories in bold colours like purple or green, which can include things like letter trays, magazine files, desk organizers and even waste baskets.

Even the most magnolia looking office environment can be brightened up without breaking the bank. It just needs a little spark and imagination to increase your team’s productivity by up to 12%.