I’m Paul Schofield and I provide wealth management advice to all types of individuals & organisations in Lancashire & Greater Manchester, through our field based consultants & Burnley based support team.

I was first introduced to Darren (owner of MY Total Office Solutions) at a networking event, and I could really tell he really cared about his customers & was very passionate about his business.

Darren offered me a free (no obligation) review of our internal printing needs (including the technology). And as it’s not an area I have looked at before (and as he seemed an honest chap) I took him up on his offer.

I thought we might save some money on a regular basis, but have to pay a big up front cost. And it’d be a case of starting to save some money after a year or 2. But I was pleasantly & massively surprised that their agreement allowed us to start saving money immediately.

It was very easy, quick & hassle free. They came in, assessed what we were printing and worked out how much we were spending annually. And then recommended 1 of their many printing packages (fit for our purpose), together with showing us how much money we will save.

The multi-function printer arrived fast. And I arranged for them to install it too, up to our 6 laptops. The last thing I needed was to waste customer facing time installing a printer. And we were up on running on the same day.

The package we’re on allows us to order as many cartridges as we need for a guaranteed fixed monthly fee. When the machine tells us the ink is getting low, we call and the replacement cartridges arrive at our door within 24 hours.

We’re certainly saving hundreds (£589) of pounds each year on cartridges and the multi-function printer. But I particularly like the service (if anything does go wrong). You really get the impression that they care about you being productive.

Basically, if your a business or organisation who print documents. Then absolutely. I’d recommend that you contact Darren or a member of his team & go through the free (no obligation) assessment. As I have no doubt they will save you money too.