Remember way back. When you heard a great song on the radio. To get it. You had to make a special trip to HMV or a Virgin Megastore. Where you’d end up buying the Album because it was much better value.

Once home though. The disappointment set in. When you realised the other 9 tracks were rubbish…

When the internet arrived. Apple recognised this & also figured most people would pay for songs, instead of illegally downloading them. If they we’re affordable.

Apple created their own market with iTunes. Initially selling single song downloads (that you could first test to see if you liked them) for just 79p. Changing how people bought & listened to music forever.

We’ve a similar story when it comes to printer cartridges…

The OEM’s (HP, Canon, Epson & Brother) want you to buy their own expensive printer cartridges. Warning all the aftermarket alternatives will break your printer. Even warning your warranty would be void if you bought them instead of their own expensive cartridges.

Like Apple we recognise there‚Äôs a problem. It’s like the OEM’s are holding people to ransom.

So, we created our own market. Designing a printing service for small organisations (businesses, schools & charities), which saves them up to 60% against buying OEM’s expensive printer cartridges.

Everything (including a business rated printer, unlimited cartridges & a support package) is included for a small fixed monthly fee. No longer will you be held to ransom & have to buy OEM’s expensive printer cartridges.

We’re changing the printing technology industry forever & freeing people from their OEM prison’s.

Can you redesign your own product & create your own market too?