We arrived at Manchester Airport and headed for departures

Getting ready to check in our luggage, I pulled out our travel documents and a moment of panic flashed across my face.

“What’s up”. Said the wife.

“Forgot the bloody boarding passes & didn’t download the electronic one’s on to my phone”. I returned with a look of despair.

“Dipstick”. She replied.

Charming I thought (didn’t dare say it though).

I approached the check in desk. “I’m really sorry but I’ve forgotten to bring our boarding passes. Is there any chance you could print them for us”? I pleaded flashing my best smile.

The attended smiled back and I thought we’d got away with it. “It’s not a problem, just pop over to the printing kiosk.”. She said pointing the way.

Yes, it was way to good to be true…

It wasn’t a case of celebrity service by Manchester Airport. It was just another way for them to make some extra cash. Like they’ve done with the drop off charges.

£1 a page it cost and for a family of 5 that’s 5 pages and £5. Yes, it was my fault & if there wasn’t anywhere to print them, we’d not be going on holiday. But £1 a page is a bit excessive.

It’s ironic though…

Our business provides print technology solutions to families, home workers and small organisations, where mono pages are less than 1/2p & colour pages start from a penny.

The moral of the story?

…always have a fiver in your pocket just in case. LOL